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An Exclusive program developed for Xth standard students to help them in Career Exploration.

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What do we do?

We transform young minds into successful personalities.

Every child deserves a bright future.

Let us gift something very essential to our children that we missed in our childhood.

Major problem today

It is a major problem in the whole of India (and rest of the world) that people choose their career without proper knowledge about the career and career exploration.

Another problem is that most education systems lack motivation and non-academic skills like personality, self confidence, moral values, professionalism etc which we would like to inculcate at a very young age. Also there is a huge gap in India between the HR required by the industry and that available in the country.

We want to create a society of well motivated and educated professionals who are upto the standards required by the industry and enhance overall self development by the knowledge around them. We will also be able to connect such HR to companies.

How do we help?

We, at Leiansis, develop technology to help students find their Interests and Passion, explore careers and make smart and informed decisions in their life.

We help students explore the most suitable career as per one's interest and abilities.

We guide them to set their goal and become successful.

Provide a platform for students with common interest to share their ideas and help each other.